Vehicle tracking and fleet management

Telematics is the blending of computers and wireless telecommunications technologies, ostensibly with the goal of efficiently conveying information over vast networks to improve a host of business functions or government-related public services. This is the principle upon which the vehicle tracking and fleet management operates

With our unique product installed on your vehicle or fleet, you have taken the first step in protecting your assets, should the unthinkable happen. Using only your cell phone or an internet connection you can now enjoy greater peace of mind, knowing the location and status of your vehicle(s).

Know Your Car’s Every Move!!!

Our tracking device is a high-tech product through cooperation with mobile operators. It combines GPS Global Positioning System and GSM/GPRS communication system, which can clearly inform you the position & situation of your car.

GPS is the abbreviation for Global Positioning System, which based on 24 position location satellites around the earth orbit. Their locating precision can be kept within 10 to 15 meters.

GSM is the second digital mobile communication system (GPRS, second and fifth digital mobile communication system), and at present it is the mobile communication system that has the largest coverage and owns the most number of users. This product combines GPS and GSM/GPRS technologies together. It uses GPS system to locate your car, and sends the position/ situation report back to you via GSM/GPRS communication system.

GPS Position Tracking Function

With this function, the vehicle owner will be able to know the geographic location, coordinates, direction, and other related information of the car anytime in any place. The report methods can be via SMS short message service. You can also select a one-time report or continuous report (tracking function).

The GSM/GPRS Tracker is also an investment in the security of your vehicles, whether it is a small fleet of utility vehicles or your own private family vehicles.

It has proven track and trace technology is available to you, tailored for your vehicle(s) security needs.



GPS tracking systems have changed the dynamics of transportation. Thousands of commercial vehicles keep the engine of trade and commerce running in the country. Fleet management companies and other freight management companies and their customers benefit tremendously from GPS vehicle tracking.


  1. Real-time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of vehicles as they move from place to place, halt for re-fueling and other stops is among the biggest advantages of GPS vehicle tracking. Speed checks of vehicles, accurate location, refreshment breaks and other stops by drivers can be tracked as they occur therefore giving vehicle owners and managers peace of mind.

  1. Anti-theft

A principal concern of new vehicle owners is that their car will be stolen. Using a GPS personal vehicle tracking software, your vehicle can be quickly located if it is stolen. Insurance companies look very favorably on owners that install GPS personal vehicle tracking software. The generous discounts they award on insurance premiums will help to pay for installing the system.

  1. Keeping Customers Updated

Customers using fleet management company vehicles to transport goods, products and perishable items can be updated about scheduled movement of vehicles, approximate arrival times at final destinations and, delays, if any.

  1. Addressing Crisis Scenarios

In case of natural calamities, accidents, theft of vehicles and other crisis scenarios, fleet management company headquarters can appraise situations, inform police cruisers and take related decisions or calls on movement or stalling of vehicles.


  1. Fuel and Labor Cost Savings

Companies operating vehicles with GPS-deployed technologies can streamline labor and fuel costs through better management of fleet drivers, changeover schedules, workforce mobility and route management.

  1. Planning

GPS vehicle tracking helps fleet management and freight management companies to better manage fleet vehicles, operations, monitor driver schedules and fueling halts between destinations. Better planning results in maintaining timed schedules and billing of customers accurately.



The products employ GPS technology for location information (longitude & latitude), date and time (universal time), and speed tracking. The unit range employs an 8 channel GPS receiver system that gives an average accuracy of 4 meters.


Tracked location data is then communicated back through the GSM network using the SMS subsystem to a PC installed with the vector maps, fleet management software, and communication kit for the fleet operator’s tracking requirements, control and management.

Speed Monitoring

The system employs virtual speed tracking up to 100 knots via satellite providing effective and reliable speed monitoring even when ignition is off. This proves very useful for tracking in cases of theft and illegal transport by air. Additionally however, the system provides an input for tracking vehicle speed via onboard speedometer.

Emergency Button

The system supports a remote panic button that can be pressed when there is a breakdown in a dangerous place, during riots, robbery or any other times that can cause problem for the driver, the vehicle and the goods. This button, when pressed, sends a panic alarm status with vehicles’


All GSM/GPRS Tracker contains:

  • GPS components
  • GPS Antenna
  • GSM Antenna
  • Internal GSM modem
  • Internal backup battery
  • Movement sensor
  • Activated SIM card
  • Tampering Alarm (GPS unlock & battery)
  • Microphone


This single box assembly and compact size design allows installations to be covert and non-intrusive. Wiring harness and antennas (both GPS and GSM) also leave virtually no visible footprint after installation, providing a truly secure and safe and yet powerful vehicle and asset tracking implementation.


The very intelligent on-board computer uses the GSM network to transfer data to the hub for onward processing for customers’ use. However, should there be any loss of network signal due to no network coverage; the device records all events for as much as six (6) months. All recorded events are transferred to the server upon entering a network coverage area or receiving network signal. With this there is no loss of data or vital information.

Our coverage area includes the Nigerian Land mass with MTN network coverage. Where the vehicle goes into other West African countries the roaming facility will have to be employed to ensure constant and real time tracking.


The unit has a failure rate of less than one percent and is warranted by manufacturer for one year against factory defects and system failure with local support provided technical/customer support units.


  • Value will be added by the system proactive warning;
  • Possible Unauthorized movement
  • Battery Tamper
  • Ability to immobilize (To shut down the engine)
  • Usage information
  • Mileage
  • Speed recording/and monitoring
  • Enhanced personal security
  • Enhanced vehicle security.
  • Voice recording
  • Geo fencing
  • Sms alert etc
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