Question: What is Micropartners car tracking system?

Answer: Micropartners car tracking is a high-tech product which operates with the cooperation of mobile operators. With combine Global Positioning System (GPS) and GSM/GPRS which can clearly inform you the position and situation of your car.

Question:What are the functions of Micropartners car tracking system?

Answer: Micropartners car tracking system allows not just real-time tracking, which can also support fuel monitoring, remote fuel/engine cut off, Geo-fencing alarm, over speed alarm, low power warning, fixed time/distance report and many more.

Question: Does Micropartners car tracking system run on a mobile phone or it is only web-based?

Answer: Micropartners car tracking system is web-based/internet enabling mobile phone (Android, IPhone)

Question:I am interested in purchasing Micropartners car tracking system, how do I go about it?

Answer: Please send an e-mail with your contact details to info@micropartnersng.com a member of our sales team will call you to assist you further.

Question:Do you have installers in my State and how much will the installation cost?

Answer: We have installers all over the State, installation within Lagos is free, but any installation outside Lagos may attract extra cost for logistic reason.

Question: What are the modes of payment?

  1. The cost of installation for the first year
  2. Annual subscription fee for subsequent year

Question: Which part of the Country does Micropartners car tracking system cover?

Answer: Micropartners car tracking system is not restricted to certain part/area, it is nationwide.




  1. A yearly subscription of N15, 000 will be paid every year. The yearly subscription is subject to change if need arises.
  2. We aid the recovery of vehicle with assistant of the law enforcement agent(Police)
  3. Our service is 24/7
  4. Our devise come with one(1) year warrantee
  5. Price: Our devise price range between N50,000 and N60,000
  6. Installation is done at our fitment centre. No extra cost for (Lagos installation only)

For more detail:

Contact: info@micropartnersng.com


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