Access Control System

Also known as advanced CONTROL SYSTEM enabling the user to decide WHO goes WHERE and WHEN, by using the Management Software. All secured door and tag/cards on the system memorize the last 1000 movements or more of the users giving the system manager a clear view of the PAST user movements. Access Control System solution is also known as a locking device as well.

Access Control System have a built-in clock, the operator can create tags/cards of which the usage is limited to hours/days/weeks/months and can optionally implement for the given rights to be RENEWED on a daily/weekly/monthly basis to increase security and optimize the downloading of access logs.

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Micropartners Nigeria brings to you the state of the heart, robust access control system–¬†


The proximity (also known as RFID) access control system offers a really affordable and secure solution for tracking, controlling and monitoring the movement of staff and/or visitors in and out of premises.

It offers seamless expansion from a standalone 1000 tag/card reader (ZAP tags), all the way up to a fully-fledged 32 reader network system with a sophisticated PC interface delivering advanced management and reporting capabilities.

By combining two readers, both directions of traffic flow can be controlled through up to 16 doors. Up to 7 levels of anti-pass back can also be set up for each individual tag.

Each reader provides a potential-free output or secure link via the optional “Smart Switch” interface module to activate a door lock, gate motor, traffic barrier etc.

The “door sense” input on each reader will monitor whether the door has been left open or even forced, activating a local buzzer or triggering an third party alarm.


The readers are weatherproof with surface and flush-mount options.

Main Features

  • 1000 tag memory
  • 56Mhz operating frequency
  • Start as standalone and add up to 31 slave heads
  • Excellent read range
  • Easy programming of user tags, made possible by 3 digit LED display
  • Selectively add and delete tags
  • Free-exit input
  • Alarm output for: Door open ; Door forced
  • Anti-pass back
  • Back-up memory module
  • Weatherproof reader (surface and flush mount)
  • Interface with the system at any stage
  • Complete and easy setup
  • Full management of the system
  • Multiple operating reports with export capability
  • Software accessible from any PC in a networked system



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