About Us

Fuel Monitoring, Vehicle Tracking, Access Control


Micropartners Nigeria as professionals in Security, Human and Asset Management is known for these systems solutions since inception.

We are committed to working in partnership with customers to give Professional, excellent and cost effective Security Infrastructure and technologies.

Our areas of proven expertise among others are:

Fundamental and appreciation of what we do

  • How individuals interact, through procedures and policies, with the systems they have to use and/or manage.
  • We establish what is to be achieved, what technology will enable this, and how the technology will interface with the guardians and the guarded themselves.
  • The planning is then realized through our robust project-management capability.

Whatever the requirement, Micropartners Nigeria Solution will recommend and implement the best Technical solutions. Range from Power Network, Data and Voice Network to Access Control, CCTV, Covert Surveillance and Access Control Systems.

Depending on the job involving an Electronic/Data/Security solutions perform. They are provided to perform differently in mode.

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